Do you need to hire a writer or editor? Seek guidance for a writing project or want info about publishing?

I offer a variety of services, including freelance blog and article writing, ghostwriting, content editing, and photography for companies and websites.

For aspiring writers, I offer behind-the-scenes guidance about finding ideal publishers, writing query letters and book proposals, approaching editors, and more. I am available as a development editor to help you envision or improve a writing project. I offer manuscript and copy-editing services. I’m also an experienced ghost writer who can bring your project to life.

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Blog & article writing

I write blog posts and articles for a wide variety of companies and organizations, including outdoor equipment manufacturers, tech companies, conservation projects, nonprofits, adventure outfitters, and more. I have ghostwritten for a CEO, conducted interviews with industry leaders, and written articles about the adventures of product ambassadors during quarantine. (I can send additional samples upon request.)

Ghost writing

I’ve ghostwritten various projects that are attributed to other authors or organizations, including for families, companies, and nonprofit organizations. I also write projects from the POV of the hiring party that are either co-authored or published in my name. Please contact me for samples of my ghostwriting.

Publishing guidance

The industry has changed a lot during the digital revolution. There’s so much information it can be overwhelming—plus, some of that info is out-of-date, some is accurate, and plenty is just plain wrong. My approach is to share with you the strategies and principles that I use to evaluate publishers, target editors, and align specific projects for the best chances of successful publication. We can discuss the larger trad houses, smaller indie publishers, for-profits and non-profits, university presses, and self- or hybrid-publishers.

Query letters & book proposals

How do you sum up an article or entire book in a half-page query letter? What do you need to include for an editor to look closely at your nonfiction book proposal? Every project is different, yet some things work better than others. I’ll share some successful samples, then we’ll work together to make yours shine.

Editing services

If you have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start… If you completed a few chapters but you’re uncertain how to tie it all together… If you have a completed manuscript, but there’s something that’s missing, and you’re not sure what… Then you might need a developmental editor.

If you have a completed manuscript and you’d like to know how it might be received by readers, you need a content editor.

If the manuscript is ready to go, but you’re concerned about general readability, errors, or grammar, then you need a copy editor.

A successful editing job is the result of how an editor approaches your manuscript, and I am experienced in each of these tasks.

Writing Instruction

If you want to improve your writing in general, I can design a tutoring plan based upon your needs and guide you along the way. I have tutored many aspiring authors and, as a college writing instructor for ten years, I have instructed hundreds of students.


I have a sliding scale based upon the situation and needs of each client. Contact me and describe your project and the services you anticipate needing. We can set up a phone call, or proceed by email, and discuss an ideal plan for moving forward. Based upon that discussion, I will provide a quote.

I am also available for hire on Upwork.

About me

For ten years, I was a writing teacher in the day and night schools at Washington University, plus several nearby community colleges. Currently, I’m a full-time freelance author and photographer of books, articles, and blog posts. I’ve traditionally published four books with two more under contract. Please check out my bio page to learn more about me and take a look at my published work to decide if I’m the right fit for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.